Beauty On The Horizon, The Celebration Continues…

Just How Many Lives Have We Touched This Year?

Through use of online social media tools, such as LinkedIn, FaceBook, and Twitter, Uplift! Consulting has a direct target audience of over 1000 people. Allowing for faster and greater opportunities for communication and collaboration with prospective and current clients – we’re in touch with your needs.  And, we would love to hear more from you!

I developed Women Inspire, the online forum for businesswomen to share relevant and inspirational information – hundreds of members strong with an increasing global online presence. Uplift! continues to build strategic relationships and alliances with women in major Canadian markets – Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver – thrilled that it’s generated workshops and speaking engagements and look forward to many more.

Uplift’s objective of positively impacting the lives of businesswomen has directly reached, educated, and impacted many over the last year – let’s just put it this way: I have been overwhelmed with the response, feedback and support.    We are proud and honoured to have you helped you along your journey.

The Ups and Downs of Starting a Business: Challenges and Accolades

Uplift! Consulting has found challenges in leading growth, particularly in an economy that is still relatively volatile since the recent downturn.  In addition, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract attention in what has become an over-crowded marketplace.  One of the biggest challenges for any business is “getting the message out” while maintaining a fiscal and emotional balance throughout the process of start-up.

On a personal note, it’s really tough to wear the many hats of a business owner and still “keep it real” – at the end of the day, businesses need to be financially viable and business owners need to find a sustainable way to manage. For me, this is where yoga and mindfulness and  meditation practice become integral.

On a more positive note, Uplift! has had many exciting opportunities this past year to work with amazing organizations doing some incredible work.  Here are some of the highlights:

I’ve been an iSisters Technology Mentoring Board Member and Volunteer, facilitating a Career Management Workshop with some of the iSisters clients.  Continue to do committee work and hone my marketing skills.

I was recognized as a Top 25 candidate and a Case Study for the Hot Mommas Project. Hot Mammas aims to provide positive entrepreneurial role models for young women.  I am so glad to be a part of the team.

Uplift! is also assisting with the Marketing Communications for The Diva Foundation, a non-profit helping to better educate women in health.  Their mandate is “Healthy Women, Healthy World”.  So happy to be connected with an amazing group of women!

A few highlights – Where Uplift! has been seen:

EMO Ottawa (Entrepreneurial Moms, Ottawa Chapter)

Algonquin College (3rd year technology students)

OCRI Entrepreneurship Centre, workshops:

Knightsbridge, Executive Entrepreneurship workshops: Is Entrepreneurship for You? Marketing Yourself as a Consultant and Business Planning.

Sense of Connection and Purpose – Critical Elements to Recruitment Strategies’, Publication, HRPA – Up-Date Magazine

If I had a crystal ball…

What does the future look like for Uplift! Consulting? After a great first year, I am building relationships and working with clients across Canada, with a focus on Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, and Victoria.  I am also opening up to doing business in other countries where and when the right opportunities present– New Zealand and Australia.  The nice part about my business is that it can be virtual and mobile.  Stay tuned for more e-stuff:)

Uplift! is a boutique firm and its strong foundation is  built on these core principals: compassion, creativity, intuition and empathy. My plan is to continue to grow and expand.  Right now, I work with an outstanding Business Expansion and Growth Consultant who challenges my business and pushes me ahead.  To get my message to a broader audience, I also work with Sales and Business Development guru(s) – thank you to my team for believing.

On top of all this, I will be hiring a full-time ‘Right Hand’ in the very near future – so if you are reading this and you have experience in administration, client services, and sales, and you are well-grounded and entrenched in conscious, creative living, please email me.

The picture says it all!

Beauty on the Horizon

Two emerging complexities, fusionning into beauty. The first one, the Dandelion Clock is from biology. The second one, the “Artificial Blue structure ” is from “The Horizon Project”. The biggest Large scale simulation of the UNIVERSE.

OM Shanti,

Paula Pyne

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