Dear Passionate Entrepreneur…

I received this gift in my email this morning from Sunrise Editing and my heart filled with joy!  Too sweet, not to pass along to all of the passionate entrepreneurs out there – celebrate YOU! And, Continue to Shine and Do the Work You Love.  Thank you Laura Simms at for the beautiful words.

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Dear passion-driven entrepreneur,

I want you to know how much I admire you. You do what so many people dream of but don’t have the courage, permission, or guts to do. You do work that’s often deeply personal, heart-centered, and that makes a real difference in the world.

Is someone handing out awards for this stuff?

Because regardless of if you’ve “made it,” what your sales are, or how many blog visitors you have, you are doing it. And that’s more success than most people on the planet will know.

I hope you will keep it up. For as long as it’s right for you. That you’ll work through the hard bits, seeking support & education when you need it, and doing your own thing when you don’t.

You matter. Your work matters. You’re probably doing even better than you think.

You have an admirer in me. And probably in lots of people you don’t know, but whose lives you have touched with a soft hand-knit cap, a whimsical piece or art, or well-turned phrase.

Give yourself credit. You deserve it.

Gathering light,

P.S – Know someone who could use this message? Pass it on.

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