Mindful Leadership

It takes courage to fill your shoes. It’s time step into your leadership role. At the cornerstone of Uplift’s teachings is the integration of ancient wisdom and self-development. We believe the better you know yourself, the better you are able to rise to daily challenges and succeed in this world – in your work and life. Uplift is here to help you on your journey. We use educational tools and coaching sessions to intuitively take your next steps right along with you. We also team up with other like-minded professionals so you get the support you need.  We create a circle of care so that you rise up and get doing what you here are to do. Whether you’re just getting started on your leadership journey or you’ve been on this path for some time, we meet you where you are to create the sacred space you need to grow.

“Working with Paula is eye opening, heart opening and soul quenching – a truly uplifting experience. I came to Paula feeling trapped and frustrated by my current situation and desperate for change. Paula’s rare combination of coaching, counselling, mindfulness and spirituality helped to open me up and discover my own unique talents and strengths. Work that I had avoided doing for myself became easier with Paula’s gentle encouragement and faith in me, and I was able to cultivate a situation for myself that fits me so much better. With Paula’s guidance and insight I became more grounded and gained clarity, confidence and a capacity for self-compassion.”

The Uplift Process

  • Cultivate self-compassion to build self-confidence and self-empowerment
  • Get to know yourself, your natural rhythms and strengthen your intuition
  • Rewrite your storyline and speak your truth
  • Get to the heart and soul of your purpose whether building your dream business or taking it to the next level, seeking contentment in your existing role or preparing yourself for big life/career changes
  • Lead your work/life with authenticity and build a brand that reflects your truest self
  • Find and connect with your tribe
  • Harness and build your leadership capacity and reclaim your divine feminine energy
  • Learn to work with passion and purpose
  • Industry-leading Self-assessments designed to distinguish your unique starting point and determine your direction: Birkman Method®, Strengthsfinder, Strengths Based Leadership and Wellbeing 2.0
  • Focused Facilitation while you build your plan, establish clear objectives, and create achievable action steps.

We meet our clients across the globe so your session can take the shape as a phone call, a Skype date, or face-to-face time. Contact us to find out more.

“I recommend Paula for her insight, her inspiring attitude, and her practical business sense. Her passion and ingenuity in creating business and networking connections in the community has been pivotal in my own successful career transition. She is a great asset to the community and a wonderful resource.”