A Warm Welcome from Paula

Paula Pyne is the visionary behind Uplift Consulting. She is a mindful leadership coach, teacher and writer who is known to clients as a source of inspiration and a catalyst for mindful, positive change.

Balancing a background in psychology, social work, and executive-level business with training in the philosophy of yoga, mindfulness, and self-development, Paula customizes her work to each client’s unique needs.

“Nurturing my mind and body and identifying my strengths and weaknesses have helped me find better focus, not just follow the recipe that works for another person. It has allowed me to break free from the curse of comparison and carve out my own path. By finding my authentic self and my ‘why’, I have attracted like-minded clients that truly value my work. I couldn’t be more grateful to Paula for helping me think outside the box to accept who I am and where I want my business to go.”

At Uplift, Paula serves a diverse array of clients. Whether in Transition, in need of Entrepreneurial Support, or as a leader investing in their Workplace, each develops a greater focus, better tools for action, and a sense of deepened awareness.

Outside of Uplift, Paula shares her wisdom and compassionate spirit online as part of the Huffington Post community.

Paula is an accredited Hatha Yoga Teacher and Canadian Yoga Alliance member. She teaches at Empower Me Yoga and  Metta Message and Yoga Clinic. She is also certified as a Birkman Consultant and in 2011, was recognized as a leader by the Hot Mommas Project which aims to provide positive entrepreneurial role models for young business women.

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