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Part 1

What an uplifting and invigorating year it has been.  It’s hard to believe that it’s already been one year since the launch of Uplift! Consulting!  So many exciting things have unfolded – more than my mind could ever have imagined.  This has been such a great journey for Uplift! and we couldn’t have done it without you.  A bigThank You’ to all of the beautiful and brilliant women I’ve worked and connected with.  It’s been amazing!

Let’s take a peek inside what Uplift! has been up to …

The Origins of Uplift! Consulting

It began with a single journal entry, six years ago

I am so happy and grateful … and I placed my order:

I have my own business – building a business that helps others – mind-body-spirit

I am an educator assisting others to maximize their potential

I act as a Role Model

I am living a life with purpose and passion

For six years, I have been making small steps to support my dreams and make them my reality.  What a ride it’s been.

Essentially Uplift! is a marriage between my 17 years of professional experience and my passion for yoga and mindfulness.  Some of my greatest inspirations include Google’s ‘Search Inside Yourself’ program, Jon Kabatt Zinn, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Donna Farhi.  I invite you to read and research these truly inspiring individuals.

Reading, writing, art, music and journaling are powerful tools that have helped me along the path toward the creation of Uplift!  In fact, much of my Business Plan ended up on my oversized art paper before it was transferred to PowerPoint slides.  These slides are now proudly hanging on the wall in my office as a reminder as to why Uplift! is here.


Since drafting the Business Plan, I have been regularly “reflecting” and “reviewing” the goals and intentions of Uplift!  This, as a dear friend and Board member says, is what any good business should do.” The art of reflecting and reviewing is something that comes naturally to me — I’m a strategist and planner by nature — but there’s another key component of running a successful business … allowing things to unfold naturally.  It’s interesting to watch this process; the balance of careful planning and creative fluidity – the balance of opposites.

Without a doubt, my daily meditation and yoga practice helps with this balance!  I firmly believe that the integration of these seemingly small things, that bring a larger connection to humanity and purpose, simply must be the new model for planning, managing and leading in business! It’s time WE do things a bit a different.

Why Uplift!

During my time in the corporate sector, seeing the merits of the GM Women’s Advisory Council, I recognized a need for a support structure for businesswomen.  I knew that having tools, resources, and mentors in my life would have helped me to better manage my career, as well as increase my personal creativity and productivity.

Enter Uplift! At Uplift!, we work with businesswomen of all types: executives, managers, consultants, and entrepreneurs. We fuel strategic career management and entrepreneurship growth.

We uplift and inspire through our words and actions, helping others to maximize their potential.  Together with our clients, we work through personal barriers and self-imposed limitations in order to increase clarity, energy, creativity, and productivity.

On a grander scale, the tools, education, and knowledge that we transfer has a wider effect within the community.  Simply put, the better our clients know themselves, the higher their degree of personal satisfaction.  Happier, more creative employees are critical to the success of any business, including your own.

At Uplift!, we then take it a step further by connecting our clients with the Women Inspirenetwork.  We want our clientele to feel supported by their peers in a way that is personally and professionally sustainable.  We recognize that the personal and the professional are closely interwoven so we focus on the whole woman in order to increase your overall well-being, not just your professional goals.

I’ve seen it myself: Uplift! clients claim a benefit that reaches far beyond the confines of their daily appointments and touches their entire lives.  That’s the ripple effect of Uplift! Consulting.

In Your Words:  Beautiful Portraits of the Uplift! Clientele

Very often we do work with clients who bring to mind a flurry of beautiful adjectives:

powerful, strong, committed, purposeful, hopeful, empowered …


The list goes on but I’d prefer to share with you a couple stories that really stuck out for me.  If you have had a truly Uplifting experience with us, I’d love to know about it, as we continue to feature women who uplift and inspire.  You can email me or contact me through the website.

Sylvie and Donna’s Beautiful Portrait

Uplift! advised two small-business owners on a merger, assisting with business structure, marketing, communications and re-launch of new business with limited time and budget. Together, we built a stronger business and brand message with a clearer purpose then re-launched in less than three months.  Our clients realized a break-even position within the first three months of business operations.  The company continues to grow and expand based on sound strategic business planning fundamentals put in place with Uplift! Consulting.

Client feedback:

“Intelligent, Caring, Clear, Motivated, Passionate, Open, Receptive, Strong – these  are just a few of the adjectives that describe Paula Pyne. During the merger between MTH and CE into what is now Elation Centre, Paula’s guidance kept us on track and inspired the journey. Without her? Well! Let’s not even imagine that!” Sylvie Gouin, Founder and Owner of Elation Centre


Wise Words from Sylvie: “Growth is a community effort!”

“She has kept us focused and on target as we build our new brand, market, advertise, create cash flow projections, budgets and much more. Paula is a professional and is deeply knowledgeable in all aspects of business building bringing together and balancing the head and the heart, a rare combination in business. She has shown us that the sky is the limit and helped us to get there.” Donna Davis, Founder and Owner of Elation Centre


Wise Words from Donna: “love what you do and share what you love”.


Henriette’s  Beautiful Portrait

Increased marketability, focus, energy and creativity with client who subsequently made significant improvements to all areas of her life, as well as overall well-being.  Her “only regret is not having learned all of this at an earlier age”.  She is flourishing in her business as a Senior Project Management Consultant.

Client feedback:

“Working with Uplift! has been one of the smartest business investments I’ve ever  made. Her breadth of experience and expertise in career management has guided me in organizing resources and managing anxiety in transition situations. In addition, her insight and guidance have helped me leverage my strengths to become not only more competitive in a tough market, but also to provide better service to my clients.


The most positive aspect of my encounter with Uplift is that it has made me more successful as a project management consultant. This result is the combination of improvement in my ability to communicate both my value proposition and assignment expectations to potential clients, network more effectively, better evaluate potential assignments and for fit with my strengths and needs, solicit and utilize feedback more accurately, and focus on industry specific research activities.


In addition, I now appreciate the importance of overall well-being to career success, and place a higher priority on my fitness, sports, social and music leisure activities.”  Henriette DeVette, Senior Project Management Consultant


Wise Words from Henriette: To all those lucky ladies who have worked with you, and to those who have yet to benefit from your wisdom and guidance, I offer the following advice:  “Invest in yourself! Do whatever you need to do (meditation, counselling, inner journey) to find out what most excites and inspires you. Determine your personal definition of success, and apply your resources to getting to that place.  Enjoy the journey!”


Cleo’s  Beautiful Portrait

After five years of running a successful business, our client was keen on developing her long-term direction and focus.  By introducing tools and resources to clarify the greater purpose and the ‘why’ of her business, and by identifying and aligning with her target market needs, she was able to quickly re-establish a business focus and direction that was better suited to her strengths and opportunities.

Client feedback:

“Paula appeared in my life at the exact right time. After working with Paula, I  had  gained knowledge about myself, learned best business practices, and was inspired to live a more balanced, clearer and more focused life. With her business sense, enthusiasm and encouragement at every turn, my company and my “me time” have both expanded greatly!” Cleo Thompson, Character Creative.

Wise Words from Cleo: “Go within or go without.”

Paula Pyne, Words of Wisdom…

What I have realized over the last year, is when you focus on what it is you really want, wholeheartedly and what is innate to you — call it ‘Genius’ qualities — the rest will follow … as long as you are open to it.

I look forward to working with you for many more years, bringing tools and resources to your creative success, and further expanding this wonderful network of intelligent, wise, creative, conscious-minded businesswomen.  Thank you for making the first year such a great success.

I feel so grateful for such an incredible first year.

Happy First Birthday, Uplift! Consulting!

Stay tuned for Part 2 –

Just How Many Lives Have We Touched This Year?

The Ups and Downs of Starting a Business: Challenges and Accolades.

And,   If I had a crystal ball…

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