The Rise of Feminine Leadership




Right now the world needs steady people who can show up for the present moment. -Sakyong Mipham

I had the great pleasure of presenting, at Accenture’s International Women’s Day celebrations, here in Ottawa Canada. Ironically, the venue was at the Rideau Club, where at one time not too long ago, women weren’t allowed into the Club. It’s so hard to imagine. Isn’t it?  A week has passed since, the celebrations, a fond memory, but a conversation that needs to continue to evolve and not just one day out of the year.

We’ve come a long way, but yet, have far to go.

We’re out of balance.

The world that we live in is chaotic and over-burdened. I have felt and know that many others have felt this imbalance for years. I have been in the process of unlearning <a lifetime of learning> over the last nine years to learn a new way of working and living. It hasn’t been easy.   What I’ve discovered is that by reclaiming my voice, to say that the way we’re working and living isn’t working is not okay, and taking action to learn kinder, intuitive ways, that just feel right matters. Our wellbeing matters.

I believe that we’re at a pivotal time in our history, where we get to rewrite the script to create a better world. A vision of a World that is kinder, supportive and compassionate, by embracing and embodying the feminine as a guide to becoming familiar with who we already are. As we become familiar with who we already are, we become gentler versions of ourselves and gentler on others. We all have a role to play.

When we lead with this gentle strength, we empower others to do the same.

It’s with this refreshing intelligence we can plant the seeds of kindness, lead by example, and show the generations that follow a better way forward. As women, naturally these traits and qualities are innate, which enables us to be powerful agents of change and allies. I shared a fresh perspective on what this might look like and how it might take shape by embodying these four pillars as a grounding foundation to lead and live our lives well:


Connection to ourselves, presence, being, confidence, community, purpose, voice, nature, Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 4.09.36 PMand to a larger source other than ourselves.


Supported in healthy partnerships and a circle of care, surrounded by people who have your best interests at heart and are keenly vested in helping you to rise up and to be your best self. We’ll find solutions and solve problems together. We’re here to help each other.


Compassion for another human being and all beings. I’ve learned compassion by sitting in sacred circles, where stories are shared. Each time, I heard another person’s story, in a circle, I felt a deep resonance, as their story, became my story, my story, became their story – – it taught me how to feel another’s pain and suffering and a broad sense of our shared humanity. We’re all interconnected.


Taking great care of our wellbeing and our relationships, children and community. Care begins with ourselves, mind-body-soul. At the root of it is self-compassion and treating ourselves like we would our best friend. Reaching out when we need help, even if it means being vulnerable, but trusting that it’s okay. Creating healthy boundaries and finding the courage and voice to say when it’s not okay.

When we strengthen and trust our foundation across these four pillars, we have access to our innate wisdom, intuition, and creativity, along with our ability to fuel innovative solutions.

Here’s the wrap up of my talk:

I hope you’ll join me in taking action and remember that it’s not just a movement. It’s how we live and work. Together we’ll come back into balance, building a mindful, uplifting script that allows all beings to thrive, be well, and to live in peace.

video source: Noah Davidson Films

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