What To Expect

Uplift works with three distinct client groups:

Tailored sessions focus on developing inner strategies that assist in moving the person or team forward, ultimately resulting in a more grounded, creative, and positive outlook. The client or group is then equipped to take productive action steps in all areas of their lives.

Uplift’s yoga-meets-business philosophy actualizes long-term results that positively affect energy levels, overall contentment, and well-being.

“Working with Paula has been one of the smartest business investments I’ve ever made. Her expertise in career management guided me in organizing resources and managing my anxiety. In addition, her insightful counseling skills have helped me leverage my strengths to become more competitive in a tough market and provide better service to my clients.”

Uplift also customizes solutions for organizations where workplace culture has become an impediment to productivity. Through interactive exercises, Uplift engages workers to ‘Be’ in the workplace and collectively shift the culture to one more conducive for productivity.

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