UP #59: The Time is Ripe for Change and How Self Care is no Longer a Luxury, it’s a Necessity With Paula Pyne

Paula Pyne

It’s an honor to ‘go live’ with Deb Ozarko on her infamous podcast, called Unplug: Inspired living for critical thinkers with compassionate hearts.  I wouldn’t think of myself a ‘status-quo crusher’.  That’s what Deb has coined her Unplug guests who are courageously leading a ‘conscious revolution’, exploring new possibilities, ideas, and approaches to living and working, paving a new way forward. It’s refreshing, gaining momentum and it’s making Big waves, awakening hearts, and souls, alike.

It was a cold winters day in January, as I took the call in Ottawa, Canada. We were both feeling a heaviness, dense energy and  as though it might be a challenge to string a few sentences together yet have a conversation about some important topics, like, Who Am I! Not on our side and in the depths of Mercury retrograde, can impact communications.

Something magical happened. By the end of the conversation, through a lot of love and laughter later, we felt a bit of the weightiness lift – it was a wrap.  It’s so wonderful to witness when we step into our ‘element’ ignited and fueled by passion, how the energy lifts up and is incredibly contagious, like wildfire. By the end of this podcast, we had our ‘dancing shoes’ on, celebrating each other and all of the podcast listeners, to Cool in the Gang’s, Celebrate.  Brilliant.

Though, I must admit, when Deb, emailed me and said, “It’s live,” my heart skipped a beat. ‘I’m my own worst critic’ (Virgo’s, you know where I’m coming from), but as it turned out, it became a practice in self-compassion.  Instead of self-judgement, sneaky at its best, being present to the ‘inner-dialog’ and taking part in a different conversation, one of kindness, treating myself as I would a best friend. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard my voice recorded. A strange thing to hear your voice playback. At first, and as I listened, I surprised myself in parts, not remembering what I said while other parts I giggled at myself and all the ‘quirks’.  As we moved along in our conversation, it blossomed into a beautiful example of how we share and celebrate  similarities along with unique approaches in our work that help each other to ‘rise-up’.  Isn’t that what leadership is about: to support each others greatness and uncover the ‘diamonds in the rough’?

It’s such an honor to be a part of Deb’s soul-tribe and this space she has so beautifully created and shared with the world. It’s beauty in the making and truly has a life of its own. But that’s how these things work, as we know it…..

“Great creations birth from Source.”

There are forces much larger than ourselves at work here, call it our allies or our angels.

May these conversations ‘be carried well’ and land where its needed most, shining a gentle and loving strength.

Let the angels take care of the rest.

Grab a nice cup of tea or java, listen for awhile. Let’s keep the conversation going.

Here’s a bit of background, about the podcast, as a guide:

• The new business paradigm.
• The importance of quiet space for inspiration.
• Bringing creativity, innovation, and well being into the world of business.
• Integrating mindfulness, compassion, wisdom, and spirituality into work and life.
• When purpose aligns with truth, great things happen.
• How the body knows what to do best – which is to become whole.
• The great strength in softness.
• How we drain our life force when we don’t listen to our inner self.
• The importance of unplugging to recharge and reconnect to the true Self. Honoring the needs of the body through restoration.
• How we are all leaders and how it is our responsibility to lead in a way that is uniquely ours.
• The importance of like-minded community.
• The new emerging paradigm – how it looks is up to us.



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