Uplift Consulting is pioneering a new wave of business, one that incorporates mindfulness with tangible results. We offer customized Services to individuals in career transition, organizations working toward greater efficiencies, and entrepreneurs seeking clarity and growth.

The following Resources are designed to help you navigate positive change as easily as possible. We’ve spent many hours tweaking and fine-tuning these for your use. Feel free to download them and share them, but please cite them when appropriate.

“My gratitude to you for the teachings of ‘Yoga Unwind’ and Yoga Nidra. I am sure that your gift will add years of enjoyment to my life.”

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Resources and Reads

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Guided Relaxation and Meditations

Yoga Nidra – The Art of Relaxation

Before listening to the audio, please read: Yoga Nidra Getting Started

Listen now to Yoga Nidra – A 21 Minute Guided Relaxation

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