Time is Precious

Each piece [of writing] is like a drawing, a painting, or any type of creation. It’s a culmination of events, a myriad of moments that require marinating, and speak up when they’re ready to be heard. The piece speaks loud and clear—and always in its own time. I do believe that nature, the seasons, and the cosmos have a big part to play in this internal communication of personal creation.

Uplift! is growing again! 

It’s the season for growth and bounty and I can certainly say that we’ve seen some growth spurts over here in the last few months! It’s been a real joy and, honestly, quite scary at the same time … the fear [of failure or rejection or pushing one’s own boundaries] rears its head from time to time.

After an eventful period like this, I think it’s important to take time, to pause and bask in these moments, to stand tall and proud soaking up all of the golden rays and glory of productivity. It’s a time of coming back to equanimity, to recharge ourselves for the season ahead.

We have an opportunity to do just this during the long days of summertime. July is a month to embrace nature—along with its power to renew and strengthen—and to remind ourselves of gratitude. I continue to be guided through my year-long gratitude practice by the wise words of Angeles Arrien.

I have a strong calling to spend more time outdoors, connected with nature, and observing all its abundance and bounty. I’m grateful for this calling. It’s loud and clear in me.

So I am taking a small, well-deserved break.

I will be taking days here and there when I’m not already committed to client work and a longer break through the end of July and early August. You won’t see me on the blog at all and my social media presence will be quite sporadic during this time.

The Uplift! blog will go through a rebirth itself in the Fall, taking a bit of a different direction that supports . I think you’re really going to connect with this.

Now, Summer awaits! The reading list, the daydreams, the fresh air, and the invitation for ideas and creativity to evolve and ruminate, rest and rejuvenate, before heading into the busy harvest season.

Step back and take stock, for the best is yet to come, and well, we’ll be ready for it. It’s going to be BIG.

If you would like to book an appointment or a meeting with Uplift!, please send in your request and we’ll get you scheduled in as soon as we return. It’ll be well worth the wait!

Wishing you moments of rest and renewal this summertime. May we take into our hearts and souls all the goodness that it has to offer, letting it nurture every cell of our entire being—and may we drop the ‘busyness’, get to what’s most important and be grateful, even if it’s only for just moments at a time.



Photosource: via Google on The Delicious Life.  Thyme is one of my favourite herbs and has much meaning.  Words used to describe it’s properties include:  Health, Healing, Love, Purification, and Courage.

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  1. Sylvie Gouin says:

    Beautifully said Paula; May we all soak in your wisdom and take time to regenerate.

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