Summertime Inspiration

Time is precious as we know it,  

Balancing quiet time alone, with the vibrancy of summertime soirees; beloved family and friends,

The long, sun swept days, filled with luscious fresh golden air, and the sun sparkled lake,

Listening to the sweet songs of the loons,

Golden, light filled rooms, cascaded to receive a certain depth of appreciation and knowing,

Moving from busyness, growth to self-reflection, stillness..


In this place finding pure essence, Wisdom and insight directing and moving the soul into a time and place the mind could never imagine to be true; no boundaries.

Embracing in the comfort of mother earth she knows, the heart and soul know…

Listening to the whispers of the warm wind, feeling the strong heat of the sun touching the skin,

Soft, gentle ears of wheat swaying in the breeze, angelic,

The beautiful bounty.

Feeling and sensing the forest floor supporting and grounding with unconditional love,

Surrendering in sheer delight, letting go and coming into the brilliance of and into nature’s rhythms ..Radiating.

Music stirring, joyous and uplifting,

Monarchs and hummingbirds fluttering about,

The moonlit nights, stars and the Milky Way,

Dreaming and wishes delivered to the divine,


Yoga in the rain,

Rainbows lighting up the sky – fresh insight.

Hula hooping on fresh cut grass…

Resting and Nurturing…coming into Being, Bold, Energetic and Alive.

I hope you are having a restful and nurturing summer… there’s still time to enjoy.

This was the summer of Inspiration, and so grateful for the time.  I am thrilled to be Back!

Love and light,


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  1. Julie Bolduc says:


    Your writing is pure magic.

    Love, Light, Blessings,

    Julie xox

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