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“Connection – brings purpose and meaning into our lives – it’s neurologically how we are wired and why we are here.”  Brené Brown.  

Women Inspire’s foundation is about connecting and helping others to build: courage, compassion, and authenticity in work and life.   Since the launch of Women Inspire, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  Mentoring relationships have been sparked, new connections are being made and a flurry of information is being exchanged between a diverse group of women – wide variety of top talent including executives and community leaders to small business owners.  Lots to share and learn across business, after-all, similar challenges exist when you get down to the heart of it.

Many who I’ve spoken to about Women Inspire say: what would I share or what would I be able to contribute with what I sense the belief to be, “I’m not enough”?   Two things come to mind:

  1. When we do things that come ‘natural’ to us, we often tend to think: “oh, it’s really nothing”, because we just do it, not even being aware that we actually do it.
  2. Speaking from my own experience, for year’s, I believed that “I wasn’t enough”  – always striving for the next rung, once I get my MBA, then I’ll make my mark, once I make six figures, then it will be enough, and so on.  But when I hit all of these big milestones, it wasn’t- something was missing.

A shift happened, I got back to my roots – got grounded and got to know myself really well.  With much resistance along the way (thank goodness I chose to ignore the peanut gallery), and at times thought I should be doing this or that, pushing myself to fit, it unfolded naturally.  I love the work I do and am doing exactly what I need to be doing.

So here’s the thing, and trust me, ‘You have lots to share’!

Take the first step, listen to your heart, go with it (kick the ego to the curb), put yourself out there and believe that the rest will follow and know you are supported.

If by chance you aren’t sold then, get a cup of tea, find a quiet spot in the house and watch this video.  If you are sold, just watch the video anyway and enjoy.

Encouraging, enlightening, funny and wise words from Brené Brown.  This is a MUST watch.

If you haven’t heard all of the buzz around Women Inspire, be sure to connect with us here: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?mostPopular=&gid=3632209

Continue to Shine,

Paula Pyne

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