Disseminating the New Business Paradigm

Disseminating the New Business Paradigm   brownstones

Part 1

We’re living in intense times, times of change and transition. Balancing the pressures of life, work, and relationships is challenging…and this fast pace is certainly not what was intended. We know that the way we are living is not working; people and businesses are breaking down from the expectations our system has created. We also know there is a great need to live and work in a different way. This new way will require us to slow down and get grounded—grounded within ourselves then back to the lives we are meant to be living; lives that instill a sense of happiness, compassion, and calm.

Why it Matters

What we are doing is NOT sustainable. The world needs us, Mother Earth needs us to show up whole-heartedly and bring ourselves fully to everything we do. We need to create safe and nurturing environments for each of us to grow…and for all that to happen, we need to change.

Welcome the New Business Paradigm.

With a focus on grounding, wise, and centred progress, this structure empowers, inspires, and engages people instead of alienating. It’s about showing up to life and bringing your whole Self to work.

See how it differs from the traditional style of business:

New Business Foundations

Traditional Business

Conscious heart-centred leadership – People Matter

Fear-based, control-centred leadership – Profit First

Natural rhythms support productivity & innovation

Resistance to change, intuition, and flow

How may I serve?

What’s in it for me?

Open to giving and receiving

Closed and limiting

Entrepreneurial, service-oriented, connected to purpose and value

Top-down hierarchy, titles, disconnected, disengaged

Collaboration & Interconnection (One)

Ego-driven (I, Me)



We’ve tipped so far over on the scales, we need to work together to bring everything back into balance.

Over the next several posts, we’ll take a better look at this refreshed approach and how it might take shape. I’ll also share some resources I find inspiring and show you how Uplift is helping to lead the way.

Love & Light,



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