It’s Just the Way…Of Transition.

I hope you all had a lovely season filled with ‘summer fun’ with lots of time off to rest, it-is-now-300x224relax, and recharge for the Autumn ahead.

Here we are in the throws of yet another transition. It seemed like yesterday that we were approaching the blossoms of summertime, fresh and light, and now here we are with the leaves beginning to change, the evenings much cooler, and the days getting shorter; Autumn is right around the corner. About this time, you’re probably well entrenched in your routine, whatever that might look like for you, whether it be back to school or work, or embarking on a new learning path or perhaps a new career or business venture.

Autumn is also a time of celebration, celebrating our harvest, and giving great appreciation to the things and people in our life.

Aside from the season changing, we’re in the midst of another transition. I’ve been speaking with many people in my network, whether friends, business colleagues, or family, and they all agree: there are some big things happening around us. Financial crises and political upheaval aside, the good news in all of this is the world is a happier place than it was five years ago. I was delighted to hear this and I am fully confident that this increase in happiness is connected to the fact that mindfulness, meditation, and yoga and spiritual practices are also on the rise.

The human race is transforming.

We’re in the heart of it—transformational change as a human race. In my mind, we have no choice but to go about our lives differently. We need to approach our lives at a slower pace, with compassion and care for the world around us. We need to live mindfully – to show up.

We all want connection, but we can’t connect with others when we are disconnected from ourselves. Love yourself, then share your ‪love.~ Margaret Paul, PhD

The problem is, in our everyday, we’re not educated to ‘be mindful’. Mindfulness requires a slowing down in a world that just seems to keep speeding up with the next greatest gadget or quick fix solution designed to distract us from our Higher Self. Yet this mindfulness is needed more than ever; we need to come back to our true natures and be an active part of the solution.

Becoming mindful in our society takes great courage. To be aware of who you are, good and bad. Mindfulness means facing the quirks and shadows, the darker side of your soul. You see, it’s out of the dark that we can see the light.

“No mud. No lotus”, as Thich Nhat Hanh would say.

It’s tricky. Right when I think I’ve got it, that I’m centred, mindful and connected, it’s gone. So the learning continues and I go deeper, peeling back the layers of my being. It’s not easy work, by any means…but what keeps me coming back to practice and this sacred space, is that I arise feeling a renewed sense of calm and equanimity in my life—one that emanates into the world. I hope for a peaceful world so I continue to practice. It’s the small part I’m playing in this world, helping others to do the same.

The energy around me lately has been intense. I have witnessed and experienced on a few occasions moments when I have found myself responding to forces of great resistance. It seems to be all around us, whether I tune into the news or am out shopping for groceries hearing a woman scream at another in the parking lot. It’s disconcerting to say the least but I try to maintain the awareness that each person has experiences we know nothing about. This is why it’s important to not rage back, even though it’s so easy to get caught up in it all. Emotions and feelings are contagion, especially when they’re close to you. In these moments, what we need is compassion.  And, to stop, breathe and feel.

We need to step away from the situation, go inside ourselves, and get grounded.

As many of you know, I am a follower of Vedic astrology. I fundamentally believe that we’re connected to the planets and have much to learn from this ancient science and its wisdom. So according to the recent forecasts, there is much movement happening in the planets that is impacting our lives. It’s just that simple.

Jyotisha provides an interesting map of the karmic forces active in our lives and provides deeper insights into the cosmic mind and collective consciousness.

Yogini Shambhavi Shakti Dharma says in her report,

“These are times for great clarity, caution, and discrimination personally and politically. Astuteness, awareness, and calm can bring about transformation at a deeper level spiritually. Deepening one’s sadhana with spiritual practices, mantra yoga, calming yoga asana and meditation will help manifest peace and harmony.”

Essentially, we need grounding now more than ever before.  I continue to lead a monthly meditation in service and teach weekly restorative yoga and meditation classes at Metta Massage and Yoga Clinic.

You’ll also be hearing my voice on Huffington Post, from time to time.  Looking forward to connecting with you there.

If you’re in the Ottawa area, please join me.

Love and light,

Paula Pyne

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