First few words…faith and patience

I have been repeating this mantra: Faith and patience, faith and patience.  Inspired by a wise man, by the name of  John Wooden, UCLA coach.  Check out his TED talk.

I have been studying and teaching entrepreneurship courses now for several years and have arrived at the conclusion: being successful at business requires one “to get out of the way” (wise words from my yoga teacher, Sylvie Gouin) and to “trust in the process” – the planning process will unfold naturally, if you let it.

In supporting and working with entrepreneurs and folks in career transition, one of the biggest challenges is “putting yourself out there”.  Why?  Most say, including ‘yours truly’ it’s fear that can stop us dead in our tracks – fear of the unknown, fear that someone out in the vortex will not get what it is that we do or like it for that matter.   What I have been sharing with clients, to help to move through these prickly points, is the opposite of ‘fear’ is ‘faith’.  Love what you do, surround yourself with uplifting people and bask yourself in a lot of faith and bit of patience daily – creating a recipe for success that is bound to go long way! Faith and patience.

Enjoy the moment and continue to shine!

Paula Pyne

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