We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!

Interesting statistics about Women Entrepreneurs! 

The Facts about Women Entrepreneurs:

  • One of the fastest growing business segments in Canada
  • Canadian firms run by women, create new jobs at four times the rate of the national average, collectively providing more jobs than the Canadian Top 100 companies combined
  • Women are creating not just jobs, but entire companies, at double the rate of the national average
  • The number of women with incorporated businesses more than doubled during the last decade
  • There are 821,000 self employed women contributing $18 Billion to the Canadian economy

Source: RBC

During my time in the corporate sector, seeing the merits of the GM Women’s Advisory Council, I recognized a need for a support structure for businesswomen.  I knew that having tools, resources, and mentors in my life would have helped me to better manage my career, as well as increase my personal creativity and productivity.

At Uplift!, we work with businesswomen of all types: executives, managers, consultants, and entrepreneurs. We fuel strategic career management and entrepreneurship growth.

We uplift and inspire through our words and actions, helping others to maximize their potential.  Together with our clients, we work through personal barriers and self-imposed limitations in order to increase clarity, energy, creativity, and productivity.

On a grander scale, the tools, education, and knowledge that we transfer has a wider effect within the community.  Simply put, the better our clients know themselves, the higher their degree of personal satisfaction.  Happier, more creative employees are critical to the success of any business, including your own.

We then take it a step further by connecting our clients with the Women Inspire network.  We want our clientele to feel supported by their peers in a way that is personally and professionally sustainable.  We recognize that the personal and the professional are closely interwoven so we focus on the whole woman in order to increase your overall well-being, not just your professional goals.

I’ve seen it myself: Uplift! clients claim a benefit that reaches far beyond the confines of their daily appointments and touches their entire lives.  That’s the ripple effect of Uplift! Consulting.

We would love to connect with you and learn more about how we can support you along your journey!  Looking forward.

Continue to Shine,


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