Two Roads Converge

I have been bursting out at the seams … literally filled up with joy from the bottom of my toes to the top of my head, hairs all standing to attention, and goosebumps all over. It’s the full moon again and the time has come.

I want to let you in on something big that’s been happening behind the scenes at Uplift! A Book! This is my Big Dream. Did I just say that out loud?! I am going to write a book!

I’m sharing this with you on my blog because the space is evolving and growing. It’s my hope that this will be a great opportunity for us to grow and develop together. On a conscious level my desire is to write a book but underneath is a much deeper desire, bubbling up from my unconscious: to provide a safe and beautiful space from which to creatively and collaboratively lead that which fuels mindful positive growth. It’s clear to me. This is my Greater Purpose; the answer to the Big Why:

“To be of service, helping others to fuel mindful positive growth. uplifting through my words and actions”


More importantly, the better we know ourselves inside and out, the happier we are and subsequently, this world becomes a better place.


Many themes have surfaced as I’ve let the writing process unfold on its own volition, allowing my soul to speak, grateful to step out of my own way. Although it took some kicking and mulling at times, this process led to some guiding principles that will shape this [our] experience throughout: Perseverance, Commitment, Belief, Greater Purpose, Positivity, Connection, Courage, Loving Kindness, Compassion, Success vs. Failure — these are the lights that will guide our journey.

I see these principles as the foundation of inspiration, motivation, and grounding, as applicable to so many other things in life and business. It’s my hope that these themes will allow all my readers to be inspired towards their own growth and development, ultimately leading to Greater Purpose.

How this all came together is a journey in itself … a long road with many treasures along the way, with wisdom too good not to be shared. When we listen to our head, heart, and hara (belly or “gut”), what follows is truly amazing.

So, if you’re as interested and fascinated by all this as I am, I would encourage you to get a cup of tea or perhaps a glass of champagne (as I will!), raise a glass on this Full Moon to toast to our Success and Failures, and set our intentions of walking this path together. I look forward to this part of the path. It is an honour to share it with you.

Let’s begin..

(W)holistically designing and shaping businesses to reflect my clients’ true Beings is part of what I love about my work with Uplift! Consulting. It only makes sense that I would be aware of the different pieces in my own life — and strive to make them converge.

I recently received this fascinating piece from an astrologer that really connects some things for me:

“You’re blessed to exist within two worlds, as far as your professional goals come. You have two distinctly different sets of talents, missions in life and leadership skills. Often these worlds seem far apart, and each seems to exclude the other. You might feel that your work or creative life would be perfect if you could only get these two different aspects of yourself working together for one goal. I would propose that they have more in common than you may think. At some point in the past, they may have existed as one body of thought or even a single goal. But the way the world divides and categorizes things, they became two seemingly separate realities. Yet they have one important thing in common: you.

Over the next few weeks, you will have an opportunity to travel back into the origins of your most meaningful goals. If you follow this adventure, you may arrive at the spot before they differentiated. You’re about to discover the many things they have in common, and how they support one another, mainly by allowing you the more full use of your brain. This is likely to reach the level of full synthesis, where you have the experience of being more than the sum of your parts. You have many talents, intellectual skills and perceptive abilities, and they all support one another. Yet when you encounter this as a direct experience, whether in subtle or obvious ways, your life can truly shift. ”

~ May Astrology from Eric Francis, OMEGA Institute

Poignant, particularly as my two worlds (Yoga and Business) are seemingly different from one another and the container that houses these two gardens (me) is drawn to express itself through writing about how these two realms converge. It was really clear to me when I read the astrological forecast — in a goosebumps and big “ah ha!” sort of way — that where the roads converge will take form as a book. 

I’ve always wanted to write a book and recently, there have been a lot of signs that have pointed me in this direction. As a firm believer in listening to the cues and hints of what is presented to us on our path, I know I can no longer ignore them. I also believe in making small steps to support our dreams and this sharing with you is the first small step. Big exhale! Phew!

One of the first self-development books I read was, ‘Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway’ by Susan Jeffers and I have used this as a mantra on many occasions — including this one! I’m definitely feelin’ the fear … and doin’ it anyway!

Here’s how I plan to change this space over the next little while. I intend to use this blog as an even bigger playing ground to get out some of the ideas that have been mulling around in my head and to explore some activities that could be really fun for all of us.

I would love to get your feedback along the way. I am really interested in hearing about what you think about the topics I’ve chosen and especially what you would like to hear more of! The essence of my writing has brought my two worlds together … and this is such a gift to me.

I am fascinated by how and when these two worlds mix. It’s daily that I see the incredible benefits where they intersect, and it’s becoming clearer the more I do this work with my clients. I addressed this theme in my post, A Turning Point, where I wrote, “the more you focus on ‘you’ — and your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual potential — the closer you are to owning the success of yourself and the success of your team.”

I grew up in the business world but have an innate love for yoga and wellbeing. I am fuelled by working with ideas, connecting the dots, and collaborating with people.

Yoga and Business are my two gardens and writing is what has tied it all together; call it, the white picket fence around the beautiful Uplift! grounds. It’s the focus on your own potential that will draw your worlds together in such a way that will excite and fuel new opportunities.

For me, that opportunity is now clear.

I would like to take you on a similar journey to explore these worlds and help you to find where they meet.

Let’s collaborate, get curious, and explore …

This could be the first small step of many that we’ll take together along the road of life. I hope you will join me.

Love and Light,


“We all need a little more courage now and then.” ~ Marvin Bell, poet

Photo sources:

Adam Ekberg,

Lisa Adolph, Dandelion.

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  1. Sharon says:

    I am looking forward to reading and learning on your journey as well as mine Paula
    xxx Sharon

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