‘Tis the Season to slow down, chill out

candle-lightDecember is a time of slowing down and reflection. Contrary to what’s happening where many are scraping up every last ounce of energy to meet end of year deadlines, while preparing for social gatherings and holidays –let’s be honest, it ain’t pretty. Long gone is the ‘spring daisy and fresh as a peach’ façade, old man winter is upon us.

For many, this year has brought monumental movement and change – it’s been a tough year, with intense energy, lots of twisty, windy roads, sharp turns and unexpected halts. You see much of the challenges we faced were a call to do things differently where a little more light cracked through into the dark, with an invitation to see things in ways that spurred on personal growth. The way things were working for us seemed to have expired, like an outdated stuffy business suit. Welcomed, along with it, came the possibility of new insight and realignment into life and work, in ways that better aligned with your truth and what matters most.

For now, Mother Nature is calling us to slow-down, chill-out and do nothing. True story. It feels confusing, the pressure of the external environment to do more with an internal call of what it is you need differ in big ways.

As we head into the darkest day of the year, approaching the celebration of Winter Solstice, I hope you get the time to rest and celebrate just how far you have come. Take a moment to reflect, listen compassionately to the rythym of your heart and ‘stoke the inner embers’ to gracefully and easefully welcome in 2015:

 “This is the time to be clearly identifying what you need and want in your life, what is working, what isn’t, and what needs to shift in order for you to be nourished. This cycle brings us bigger changes, a certain cracking open in order to see our missing pieces. For now, gently provoke your dreams and desires. Stoke your inner embers. Trust in the process of removing and letting go, in order for your new life story to fully unfold.” Swati Jr – Jyotish Astrology

I’ve already started to quiet down to honor my natural rhythms and the cycles of nature. Sleeping a little longer and spending more time indoors in my cozy living space, enjoying the change in the season.

Reflecting on the year almost gone by, my heart is full with gratitude. Grateful for the unfolding (as twisty as it was!), abundance, soul connections, and personal growth with all its challenges, opportunities and intensities that made this year what it was. Humbled.

It’s that time, to find and appreciate a little bit of quiet. I’ll be retreating from the busyness and getting ready to receive a good long break to welcome in this new life story. So, off with the social media channels and see you in the new year, refreshed and ready to begin again.

Wishing you a peaceful and restful December and Blessed Holiday Season.

Be well and take good care.

With love and light,



ps I have used the word ‘Tis, requested by Dallas Green;-)

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