Teaching & Speaking

Paula Pyne is a teacher, speaker, and workshop facilitator. She is an advocate for leadership, wellbeing, mindfulness, and compassion in business. Paula is best known for her thought leadership on these topics and for facilitating workshops and leading retreats for organizations.  A well respected yoga and meditation teacher she shares these practices with her community in Ottawa.

Paula has a non-traditional approach to teaching wherein conversation, deep listening, shared experience, and genuine interaction drive the learning of each participant.

As a speaker, Paula is a unique and enlightened presence in any room. Unlike conventional motivational speakers who leave you on an unsustainable high, Paula offers her audiences a sense of grounding. Her audiences leave with a calm and inquisitive mindset, and a refreshed and renewed perspective on life, work, and the mind-body-soul connection. Paula speaks on a wide range of topics that provoke inspired action, inner transformation, and mindful, positive change in participants.

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“My thoughts were directed, my confidence restored, and my journey to the understanding of self was renewed. Paula Pyne, through her powerful teaching of self-compassion, directive to always come from a place of love rather than fear, and guidance in building a plan encompassing true personal values and attributes, led this group of women on the journey of a lifetime. The end purpose was the same, that we would develop and hone in on the tools necessary to equip ourselves to promote our brand, promote who we are as women, as contributors to our society and most importantly as leaders to those around us.”
“In today’s world the importance of being a respectful employer to help build morale, teamwork and productivity has never been more important. Paula’s talk on business compassion really helped jump-start our management team’s dialogue on creating a better workplace. Delivered in her thoughtful manner, Paula’s message of ‘self-awareness leading to positive focus and openness to transition’ was very effective.”

Ongoing Classes & Engagements

Wellbeing for Leadership Resilience

On-going by consultation

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In this full-day interactive workshop you will develop an understanding of how wellbeing is critical to leadership success and the overall wellbeing of the organization. Through evidence based research and skill development, we’ll review wellbeing as a leadership skill in the context of building leadership resiliency. Participants will identify emerging issues and demands of leading during times of change and explore mindful positive ways to lead by example. Participants will learn the benefits of honing wellbeing as a leadership skill and learn the importance and value to enhance positive mindset shift in employees across the organization through a positive psychology framework and a coaching lens.  We will examine and build-on a comprehensive leadership wellbeing plan, and create actionable building blocks, to integrate learning.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Acquire new skills and insights to develop into a leader who instills wellbeing into the heart of how they lead
  • Be able to role model leadership qualities & behaviours that inspire new ways of working to foster innovation and cultivate a healthier workforce
  • Learn practical self care  tools to be calm and resilient, during times of chaos and uncertainty.


SELF-CARE (Third Module, Certificate in Positive Psychology)

Laurier, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, Centre for Public Safety and Wellbeing

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This third module will examine the research and practices of mindfulness and its relationship to engagement. Topics will include a variety of definitions, approaches and research surrounding mindfulness. Further examination and exploration will build upon the influence of meaning on well-being and applied interventions for boosting meaning and engagement. Discussions will include the correlation of mindfulness, meaning and engagement with over-all well-being. You will continue to build and integrate learning towards your capstone proposal project.

Learning Objectives
Through this course you will be able to:

Recognize and relate to the basic concepts of mindfulness, meaning and engagement to well-being.
Examine the research about the various definitions, approaches and influence of mindfulness.
Understand how meaning and engagement relate to a sense of life purpose.
Construct an approach and strategy towards the capstone problem.

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Mindful Leadership, Leading Mindful Positive Change

On-going by consultation
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Leading Mindful Positive Change, from the Inside Out

This program will provide executives, and leaders at all levels theory and practical tools needed to establish mindfulness and resilience to lead in sustainable ways.   Methodology and practices are based on learning and enhancing skills that foster wellbeing and are grounded in research in neuroscience (mindfulness/wellbeing), feminine leadership and positive psychology. Leaders will develop skills in mindfulness, self-awareness (emotional intelligence) attention (focus), innovation, clear-thinking, compassion, courage, decision making, intuition, wellbeing, performance and build resilience to stress- – essential competencies for the sustainability of successful leaders and organizations.

By the end of the program you will be able to:

  • Manage stress with ease and resilience through mindful leadership approaches
  • Heightened focus and attention on purpose and priorities that support sustainable leadership effectiveness and business growth
  • Find innovative solutions to problems through clarity of mind and greater voice
  • Excel in creative thinking through strengthening intuition
  • Manage energy for higher performance
  • Inspire your team(s), build community, connectedness and increase engagement through compassion and trust
  • Drive meaningful, inclusive and clear pro-active communications
  • Discover the calm in chaos and lead with grace


Mindfulness, Wisdom and Compassion in The Workplace
Interactive Tools for Greater Self-Awareness, Collaboration, and Growth
On-going by consultation
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Together we’ll explore the topic of Business and Compassion, what it means, and how it supports individual growth and collaboration. You’ll discover what cutting-edge researchers and organizations have found: why compassion is good for business and for humanity.

Research shows, the better you know yourself the higher degree of success you will experience in your life—personally and professionally. This success has an obvious and direct influence on happiness, engagement, productivity, creativity, and overall wellbeing. We’ll learn how to apply and embody these tools for self-development and self-inquiry.


• Tools, strategies, and tips to apply ancient wisdom, mindfulness and compassion to the everyday thereby fueling mindful, positive growth
• Understand and get to ‘know thyself’ to maximize your own potential
• Connect and collaborate with your team to support growth
• Create conditions to fuel individual and team wellbeing
• Get uplifted, motivated, energized, and inspired


The Rise of the Feminine Leader

Fueling Mindful Positive Growth through Wellbeing and Wisdom.

On-going by consultation
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We contain all the grace, insight, and wisdom we need to lead. But, we are often overworked, overtired, under pressure and racing to keep pace, with outdated internal and external belief and support systems that may not allow us to thrive.

The key to powerful leadership is ‘know thyself’. Developing self-awareness and self-care strategies is an integral piece, an essential ingredient to your profession as a business leader and a key skill in today’s business world to not only survive, but thrive. Research shows; self-awareness greatly increases the success you will experience in your life—personally and professionally and directly influences your happiness, engagement, productivity, creativity, and overall wellbeing.

By tapping into your innate inner voice- intuition, wisdom, natural rhythms, self-compassion and truth, you will bring out the best in yourself and others. Leading by example, creating a solid foundation for community, connection and collaboration, helping each other rise-up on the path.


You will leave feeling calm, connected and inspired. Paula will share enlightening experiences that have led her on this path through practical examples to know what it takes to embrace the power of feminine leadership. It will give you what you need to see yourself and others in a new light.


Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness

On-going by consultation
[expand title=”click for more details”]Learn how to integrate a daily meditation and mindfulness practice into your day.

Explore and practice ancient techniques that will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and transformed.

We will explore:

• Breathing and meditation techniques to get grounded
• Mindfulness: how to ‘body scan’ as a way to quiet the body, clear away the noise, and listen to what you need in order to support your own healing journey
• Meditation techniques using age-old mantras
• How to connect with the energy of the moon cycles as a way to support your natural rhythms
• Uplifting dialogue as a support to individual and group learning

What Students are saying:

“Just wanted to thank you for the meditation sessions.  I thoroughly enjoyed them and I am so glad my good friend invited me to give this a try.  I found the mix of practice, conversation and education to be perfect and look forward to the course in March.”  Judy S

“I had never studied mindfulness and meditation before and found Paula’s workshops an excellent place to begin. Paula creates a calm and supportive atmosphere.   This allows the participants to fully relax and safely explore the different types of meditation and find their place in each of them.  Paula also introduced us to the effects of moon energy and self-compassion.  The atmosphere was non-judgemental and so encouraging.  I am comfortable continuing to practise meditation and look forward to learning more from Paula in the future.” Ruth S


Community Meditation & Mindfulness Classes
Weekly meditations 

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