No Hiding From the Light

sunshineOver the last few weeks, I have been tested. My values, actions, and how I manage and lead in this new business paradigm are all being put to the test. Whenever I encounter any opposition, temptation, or challenge, it becomes that much more important that I get crystal clear with my intentions. It’s only through grounding that I can then identify the non-negotiables in my life and in my work, my ‘mission critical’ things and my priorities, all of which are directly aligned with my values. In the busy-ness of life, it’s far too easy to get off track.

When you can see clearly if the opportunities presented to you are aligned with your value system, it makes the often difficult and complex job of decision-making easy and effortless. Yes, I have been dazzled by the ‘you can make multi-millions’ and ‘exclusivity’ pitches but higher perspective tells me that those paths are not for me.

For me, the process of creating this higher perspective has been interesting and I have regularly been quite surprised by who and what has showed up on my doorstep. I believe we are the co-creators of our life and work but sometimes I wonder whether I looked like a naïve target waiting to be preyed upon. As always, I come back to my meditation and mindfulness tools and my gratitude for the opportunity to think about my values, about Uplift and the values of this entity I have created. Uplift stands for Honesty and Transparency at the forefront of business practices and when I see a lack of these values in any interaction, it saddens me.

Too many of us are hiding our Truth.

When you hide your truth (and your voice for that matter), it’s not only a disservice to yourself but also to others. By hiding behind a mask of dishonesty, you create a foundation for indirect communication and disrespect. By not allowing others to experience all that you have to offer, you are telling the world that your voice does not matter. I assure you, your voice matters.

I think we can all learn from experiences where our values are questioned or challenged. When this happens, I invite you to take a step back to look within yourself.

  •  What do you believe in?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • Is it for the greater good of this world?
  • Who are you serving?
  • Are you giving or taking?
  • What impact does your work/voice/actions have on others?
  • Are you contributing to the wellbeing of others?
  • How are you adding to the power, spark, joie de vivre, or self worth of others?

It’s not always easy to see, especially in the exact moment it’s unfolding, but your strong intuitive force will guide you in the right direction. Personally, I can feel it, sense it, before I see it. Often I ignore the first signal thinking I will give the benefit of the doubt but eventually it hits me in the heart or my radar goes up. We are all a work in progress. The important part is that we take mindful steps forward.

 “Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”

~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Finding your Truth takes much uncovering and courage. You pull back layers, take off each mask one by one to eventually get to the core of your values. The fact is, we don’t know what we don’t know but with work, everything becomes clear. One step at a time, with each experience, we learn, pick back up, and try again. This is working with the intention of being with the Truth.

You see, much of what I am talking about here goes back to your thoughts. The ego is very convincing and manipulative. It will do everything possible to take you off the path or steer you in a particular direction that is invariably misaligned with your soul and your heart. The stories it feeds you are usually quite convenient but be careful; it’s the very culprit that feeds your fear and leads to whole host of other things detrimental to your wellbeing. When you practice and do the inner work on yourself, you begin to see things clearly and as they really are…

You stand in your Truth.


 “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Part of this involves being true to who you are, getting clear on what you believe in, and speaking up when you have something to say.

Follow your heart, not your chequebook.

I truly believe that when we lead from this place, the money follows. I live this truth with many others by my side.

One thing that is clear to me is that there is no hiding from the Truth. At the heart of the matter, we all want to be honest and transparent. These are the lessons we learned growing up. We need them in everything we do. When they go by the wayside, in a business or life interaction, I take on that of a Dragon’s hat and say, “I’m Out. I’m following the light and staying true to my values. Honesty and transparency are right at the top, neither of which can be compromised”.

“It has often occurred to me that a seeker after TRUTH has to be silent.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Love and light,


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