Leadership Resilience & Recovery

How to recover in the face of adversity (stress) and remain confident? I enjoy taking care of myself, BUT, I’m required to put on my Teflon armor and push through and perform to the max. Sound familiar?

Herein lies the paradox with Self Care: the very tools of self-care are critical to recovery, resilience, and confidence. It’s not just a nice to have, but practices, done over time, have a positive impact, like compound interest. Today’s resilience isn’t about being ‘tough enough and armouring through’ to bounce back, it is how we respond. As Tara Brach says: “what if we perceive stress as a call on our resourcefulness, our intelligence, care, and courage?”

One of the most significant learnings is developing the courage, through practice and collaboration to unzip the Teflon, (willingness to stand alone, based on values/authenticity/wise action) and lead in ways that adhere to and support being human. It’s also contributing in ways that help support and inform a new mindset (culture) and style of leading with great care and compassion.

Teaching Self Care and Wellbeing to Leaders, it’s a joy to witness students flourish as a result of making Wellbeing a priority. What emerges is care, kindness, and compassion, not only for Self but Others.

Here’s what one student had to say so beautifully: “The kinder I am to myself and others the more resilient and healthy I become.”

What I’ve also noticed in the process is that when well-being is a priority, we’re better equipped to serve not only ourselves but our loved ones and the planet.

It makes for impeccable, inspiring work. Leaders that intentionally bring out the best even during the most difficult and darkest of times.

The first person you lead is you.

How do you recover in the face of adversity? Is Wellbeing/Self Care a part of your leadership development plan? Or Does Wellbeing/Self Care take a back seat? What are some of the challenges/barriers you face in your workplace? Is a culture of care and compassion valued at your workplace? If not, what gets in the way?

Join the conversation!

In the next post, I’ll be sharing, practical and proven ways in which you can shore up your Leadership Resilience through Self Care strategies.

Paula Pyne

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