For Immediate Release:

Leading the Way to A New Workforce in Canada

It’s common to hear statistics about burnout, unrelenting pressure, stress leaves, and workplace anxiety. Grey, strained faces are the norm in workplaces across Canada.

Paula Pyne, principal of Uplift Consulting in Ottawa, knows firsthand the pressures of corporate life. Having come from the fast-paced life of Human Resources and corporate consulting, Paula was too familiar with the faces of people no longer able to manage in their jobs. Enjoyment, fulfillment, and balance were distant dreams. Their stories were remarkably similar — men and women from the public and private sectors finding themselves wedged into a corporate culture that had taken their ability to be creative, innovative, and productive, with no hope for change. She knew it was time for something new.

Enter an initiative poised to change how Canadians work.

Uplift Consulting has designed strategic new programming to inspire mindful, positive change within the workplace, ultimately moving the culture forward through the collective actions and attitudes of those people. When implemented in an organization or business, or across a sector, these interactive exercises enable each person to not only find happiness in their work environment but to be the catalyst for a new way of doing business.

Uplift’s new programming integrates business acumen, the principles of yoga practice, and respect for human nature. As Pyne states, “It’s about using yoga, meditation, and mindfulness tools to help others know themselves inside and out, ultimately finding a peaceful and happy state which in turn feeds innovation, creativity, and leadership. We emphasize the relationship between yoga values, business, creativity, innovation and leadership — a very powerful combination — for greater long-term results”.

Although the concept may sound lofty, Pyne knows her approach works. This new programming is currently underway in one of the most stressed workforces in the country — the public service sector. Paula intends on changing that, even in the most traditional sectors. Her clientele include decision makers and leaders from the Treasury Board Secretariat, Correctional Services Canada, and the National Research Council. Clients have reported a decrease in stress, an increase in motivation and happiness, and an ability to work more productively. This personal change is beginning to influence the culture at their workplaces.

“This is the beginning. It is time to move forward from simply Doing,” says Pyne, “We will look back and be proud that we finally allowed ourselves to start being human Beings again.”

Paula Pyne, Principal and Owner