2020 Winter Solstice Circle – End of Year Exhale

As we come to the end of Autumn, and prepare for Winter, it’s a natural time to pause and reflect. Winter Solstice marks the returning of light, and with it, rays of hope beginning to stream through after a year of upheavals, we have the opportunity to begin again.

It’s extra potent this year, with major shifts in the cosmos – we’re coming to the end of 200 year cycle!  We’re pivoting our focus to building anew, and moving forward with the possibility of creating and bridging new ways of being that nurture our innate natures to contribute in a collective concert – a more enlightened, and inclusive song.

We’ll take time to gather in circle and get grounded in a guided mindfulness meditation to notice all that is, and with deep self-compassion and kindness to honour what has been. We’ll tap into the possibility of states of flow, and rest in the emotional and physical body.
Gathering all your innate human goodness, settling into the gems that deeply matter to you, to craft an intention, for New Beginnings.

I’d love to see you!

Here are the details:
What:     Solstice Meditation Circle 
When:    Monday, Dec. 21st, 7-8:30pm EST.
Where:   Zoom.
Investment:$18 CAD. (send an e-transfer to paula.pyne@gmail.com) – Zoom coordinates to follow.

What to Bring to Your Space: You may want to ritualize your space such that you bring meaningful objects or pictures of ancestors – anything at all you’d like to make it inviting and meaningful to you, a winter bow, a candle to light, set up an altar, as some suggestions, but not required as a way to honor and mark this time.

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Leadership Lessons from The Best Place to Live On Earth

Lead with Heart

Leading with the heart, that ‘Inner Knowing’ was the essence of an inspiring chat I had with Marc Winn (@marcwinn), social activist, leader, and co-founder of The Dandelion Foundation. It was refreshing to connect with a leader who is living and practicing what he preaches, ‘walks the talk’ to fulfill a collective mission of making the community of Guernsey, the best place to live on Earth, by 2020. The conversation will be published in the ‘Uplift Your Leadership’ podcast later this Spring, so be sure to tune in.

The world as we know it is changing rapidly – at the best of times, and I think you’d agree, we’re hard-pressed to keep up with it, mentally, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually. The Dandelion Foundation is a community that’s come together to try out ideas to bring about change on a grander scale for the benefit of the whole. They believe that every one of us has extraordinary potential, and leadership and when we come together in community, we can change the world. We can rely less on ‘the systems and thinking’ that got us here and more on the building of human capacities and capabilities, along with communities to thrive.

So where do we begin? It may sound a tad pollyanna but stay with me here, for a few bits of leadership lessons, wisdom, and learning that I hope you’ll explore. The practical application is much more straightforward than you think, whether you are people leader in a mid-to-large organization or an individual contributor.

How the Community of Guernsey leads. It begins with Personal Leadership.

For Marc, its been a decade of what he calls painting an “Individual Canvas.” As a leader of your life and in your work, ‘you and only you’ get to paint the picture, and according to Marc, and I wholeheartedly agree, it’s masterful when we listen and lead by way of the heart with what speaks as ‘truth.’ He discovered early on that the systems and tools, weren’t designed or equipped for his wellbeing, and that in his words. ‘ he was better suited towards joy.’

As frightening as it may seem, ignoring the truth isn’t an option anymore, and we’re seeing how that’s playing out on the world stage, more and more. I’ve come to appreciate, like Marc, it’s easier to follow and be led by the truth, rather than ignore it. It takes an enormous amount of courage and bravery to stand up for what it is you believe in, but you’ll be glad you did. Don’t be afraid to speak your truth and be the first to chime in! Check out the dancing guy – an old one but a good one.

If you are tired of the same old, same old, take a different route

The approach calls on wise leadership and taking real ownership of discomforts, and pain. When we do, we can rise above and heal past stories that no longer serve with patience, forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance. By taking responsibility, we’re no longer a victim but instead self-empowered to rise and take bold action.

Workplace tension and the disconnect between wellbeing, organizational health, and leadership is palpable. I hear time and again of the struggle to meet performance objectives and to be well in the process of delivering successful results, while an alarming number of leaders suffer from exhaustion, high-stress levels and burn-out. It doesn’t have to be this way. As business leaders, we know that wellbeing is profitable, yet the experience of applying it doesn’t add up.

Reframing it

We All Have An Inner Compass

Listen to your heart and ask what’s right for you at this moment? Cultivate a relationship with your own ‘Inner Knowing’ or ‘North Star’ to support leading your next steps. To do this, establish times or dates with yourself: this can be a daily meditation practice, a walk in nature, creating art, dance, singing, whatever activity that helps you feel connected to the Inside. A core foundation of leadership is self-leadership – it begins inside. Over time, it builds the muscle and capabilities of intuition and other somatic resources that under stress, go unnoticed and its our most potent resource that keeps us connected to the next wise move.

“Having the bravery to listen to your own heart is critical to self confidence, personal productivity and creativity which naturally breeds effective leadership.”

-Donna Martin, Former GM Executive

Wise Choice to Action – Place Wisdom at the Core of Everything You Do

As leaders, we get to choose to be wise and to influence ‘non-wise’ organizations through learning, skill-building, curiosity and powerful questions. First, take accountability for your actions – at the end of the day, the only thing you have control over is how it is you react. Get curious: I’m struggling with the politics of the organization, or I’m disengaged with the work, I’m feeling exhausted, whatever the struggle, resistance or trigger that says, “my hands are tied,” untie the rope and take some time to reflect and feel into: Why this is for you? And then ask, What Does My Heart Need in This Moment? Listen and respond to Wise Action. Learn and apply self-compassion. Continue to ask questions to get a better understanding of Why am I in this role? Why am I doing what I am doing? Is it aligned with my values? Is it in alignment with my heart?

In Marc’s words, imagine, if we all took accountability. Leadership accountability for our human development and evolution that connects us to deeper meaning, purpose and wisdom.

What a great world this would be.

We ended in meditation, a space of silence in the heart to listen. Marc’s parting words, from his Inner Knowing, was this:

May Peace Prevail On Earth, along with an image of the words that are by his bedside: ‘Inner Peace to Global Peace.’

For me, I felt deeply connected to Presence and Peace. Whole body relaxed and at ease.

Grateful for the sharing of conversation, continued learning and the inspiration to continue to practice on the path to greater wellbeing and peace.

with light,

Paula Pyne


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A  lively discussion with Dr. Meghan Walker about the intersection between Leadership and Wellbeing on The Entrepology Podcast.


If you’re the person who is really challenged to slow down in your busy life — then this interview is for you!

Have a listen in and join the conversation.

Here’s the direct download: http://traffic.libsyn.com/entrepologypodcast/TEP_053.mp3 
Also available on iTunes: http://bit.ly/theentrepologypodcast and the link for android: http://bit.ly/entrepologypodcast-stitcher.

“How many of you have thought of mindfulness? Meditation, yoga — all of those core buzzwords — as not just acts of relaxation, but acts of leadership. This is the stance of my guest today, Paula Pyne. Paula is a consultant in the mindfulness space and her stance on the matter is that all of these elements — all of these things that cause us to focus on ourselves and who we are and to slow down — are not just tools to help accelerate the success of teams and new startups but are also acts of personal leadership.

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview with Paula because it took an entirely new position on this notion of mindfulness.”


[3:57] What a mindful leadership coach is and the journey that led Paula to this position.

[6:38] What is integral theory?

[8:09] The new leadership paradigm.

[10:33] Are we all born with the capacity to be leaders or is there an intuitive capacity or skill set that positions people to be more natural leaders than others?

[13:24] What do we need to tap into efficiently as individual leaders to combat a style of leadership that is focused on bullying and posturing of power?

[15:57] How the platform of leadership is shifting and what we need to do, as women, to help step into it.

[17:26] How do we gather the courage to start making change in our lives and take action?

[21:20] The challenge as a leader of creating an environment that respects patients while also remaining amply competitive in the business space.

[26:47] Paula’s advice to the young, bold, ambitious individuals that need to work on their leadership development before diving head-first into a project or career.

[28:09] What it’s like working in the discipline of positive psychology, and what Paula teaches in terms of self-care.

[30:36] Achieving health optimization through biohacking?

[31:18] How Paula defines mindfulness.

[32:50] Paula walks us through a beginner’s mindfulness exercise!

[40:43] What came up in Meghan’s heart during Paula’s mindfulness exercise.

[41:45] How Paula defines health.

[43:24] Paula’s key performance indicators!

[47:18] Where to find more about what Paula is up to.



“I define a leadership coach as very much of a partnership. So, it’s a partnership that’s informed by a foundation of trust and, really, it’s a co-creation of identifying with clients what it is that’s really, deeply meaningful for them.” — Paula Pyne


“Personal leadership peace is fundamental to the growth in our current leadership paradigm.” — Paula Pyne


“Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose and accepting things in that moment” – Paula Pyne


“I don’t think it’s something you can fake when you are a heart-centered leader; there’s an essence of authenticity that is on the surface of your leadership style that is hard to fake.” — Meghan Walker


“[As leaders], we set the tone; and we need to do that by accessing mindfulness, empathy, compassion, patience, and resilience.” — Paula Pyne


“I think if we come together as collective and continue this dialogue to place greater emphasis on leadership wellbeing and success … we can have significant change over time. Let’s plant the seeds.” — Paula Pyne


“Overnight success really takes 10 – 15 years.” — Meghan Walker


“Positive psychology is the study of human flourishing.” — Paula Pyne


“[Mindfulness] is a gateway into self-awareness and to creating the foundation to really get to know ourselves.” — Paula Pyne


“We think we don’t have time for a break — but when you take it, everything actually speeds up in terms of progress.” — Meghan Walker

Episode 053: What Leadership & Health Habits Have In Common with Paula Pyne

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Leadership Resilience & Recovery

How to recover in the face of adversity (stress) and remain confident? I enjoy taking care of myself, BUT, I’m required to put on my Teflon armor and push through and perform to the max. Sound familiar?

Herein lies the paradox with Self Care: the very tools of self-care are critical to recovery, resilience, and confidence. It’s not just a nice to have, but practices, done over time, have a positive impact, like compound interest. Today’s resilience isn’t about being ‘tough enough and armouring through’ to bounce back, it is how we respond. As Tara Brach says: “what if we perceive stress as a call on our resourcefulness, our intelligence, care, and courage?”

One of the most significant learnings is developing the courage, through practice and collaboration to unzip the Teflon, (willingness to stand alone, based on values/authenticity/wise action) and lead in ways that adhere to and support being human. It’s also contributing in ways that help support and inform a new mindset (culture) and style of leading with great care and compassion.

Teaching Self Care and Wellbeing to Leaders, it’s a joy to witness students flourish as a result of making Wellbeing a priority. What emerges is care, kindness, and compassion, not only for Self but Others.

Here’s what one student had to say so beautifully: “The kinder I am to myself and others the more resilient and healthy I become.”

What I’ve also noticed in the process is that when well-being is a priority, we’re better equipped to serve not only ourselves but our loved ones and the planet.

It makes for impeccable, inspiring work. Leaders that intentionally bring out the best even during the most difficult and darkest of times.

The first person you lead is you.

How do you recover in the face of adversity? Is Wellbeing/Self Care a part of your leadership development plan? Or Does Wellbeing/Self Care take a back seat? What are some of the challenges/barriers you face in your workplace? Is a culture of care and compassion valued at your workplace? If not, what gets in the way?

Join the conversation!

In the next post, I’ll be sharing, practical and proven ways in which you can shore up your Leadership Resilience through Self Care strategies.

Paula Pyne

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The Rise of Feminine Leadership




Right now the world needs steady people who can show up for the present moment. -Sakyong Mipham

I had the great pleasure of presenting, at Accenture’s International Women’s Day celebrations, here in Ottawa Canada. Ironically, the venue was at the Rideau Club, where at one time not too long ago, women weren’t allowed into the Club. It’s so hard to imagine. Isn’t it?  A week has passed since, the celebrations, a fond memory, but a conversation that needs to continue to evolve and not just one day out of the year.

We’ve come a long way, but yet, have far to go.

We’re out of balance.

The world that we live in is chaotic and over-burdened. I have felt and know that many others have felt this imbalance for years. I have been in the process of unlearning <a lifetime of learning> over the last nine years to learn a new way of working and living. It hasn’t been easy.   What I’ve discovered is that by reclaiming my voice, to say that the way we’re working and living isn’t working is not okay, and taking action to learn kinder, intuitive ways, that just feel right matters. Our wellbeing matters.

I believe that we’re at a pivotal time in our history, where we get to rewrite the script to create a better world. A vision of a World that is kinder, supportive and compassionate, by embracing and embodying the feminine as a guide to becoming familiar with who we already are. As we become familiar with who we already are, we become gentler versions of ourselves and gentler on others. We all have a role to play.

When we lead with this gentle strength, we empower others to do the same.

It’s with this refreshing intelligence we can plant the seeds of kindness, lead by example, and show the generations that follow a better way forward. As women, naturally these traits and qualities are innate, which enables us to be powerful agents of change and allies. I shared a fresh perspective on what this might look like and how it might take shape by embodying these four pillars as a grounding foundation to lead and live our lives well:


Connection to ourselves, presence, being, confidence, community, purpose, voice, nature, Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 4.09.36 PMand to a larger source other than ourselves.


Supported in healthy partnerships and a circle of care, surrounded by people who have your best interests at heart and are keenly vested in helping you to rise up and to be your best self. We’ll find solutions and solve problems together. We’re here to help each other.


Compassion for another human being and all beings. I’ve learned compassion by sitting in sacred circles, where stories are shared. Each time, I heard another person’s story, in a circle, I felt a deep resonance, as their story, became my story, my story, became their story – – it taught me how to feel another’s pain and suffering and a broad sense of our shared humanity. We’re all interconnected.


Taking great care of our wellbeing and our relationships, children and community. Care begins with ourselves, mind-body-soul. At the root of it is self-compassion and treating ourselves like we would our best friend. Reaching out when we need help, even if it means being vulnerable, but trusting that it’s okay. Creating healthy boundaries and finding the courage and voice to say when it’s not okay.

When we strengthen and trust our foundation across these four pillars, we have access to our innate wisdom, intuition, and creativity, along with our ability to fuel innovative solutions.

Here’s the wrap up of my talk:

I hope you’ll join me in taking action and remember that it’s not just a movement. It’s how we live and work. Together we’ll come back into balance, building a mindful, uplifting script that allows all beings to thrive, be well, and to live in peace.

video source: Noah Davidson Films

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8 Tips for Meaningful Success



Achievement isn’t the Secret to Success.

So What Is?

A colleague and I interviewed people randomly to hear what they had to say about success – it might pleasantly surprise you – it did us. I was astounded by their sheer honesty, authenticity, and courage to express what success means.

We weren’t convinced that the current definition of success, heavily influenced by cultural pressures, supported us on our path as much as it hindered our ability to flourish. With this in mind, we wanted to hear what people in our community had to say:

What is student success? What is business, entrepreneurial success? What does it mean or better yet what does it feel like to be successful in your career and life?

What if love nourished it and not fear? What if you welcomed failure? What scares you most about failure? What do you want to be remembered for?

What we found was nuggets of wisdom, through shared sentiments and telling tips for success that might help you to move forward in mindful, positive ways as you begin to define what it means to you. What your success looks and feels like is different from the next person. But what we discovered were shared themes that may help in opening a different language for success, to thrive.

We’d like to introduce the beginning of a new conversation on how we change the language and redefine success in business, education, career, and life that supports a collective understanding, born of truth and wisdom, not wrought with fear.

Meaningful Success:

  1. Meaningful success isn’t about achievement as much as it is about being remembered. Remembered for “Who I am” and “How I’ve shown up” in my community and the world.
  2. You define it in ways that support you and your goals and find people that will nourish you. You can lean in on your family, friends and perhaps, even the people you don’t know, but are willing to help because you have an armoring of faith.
  3. By identifying and moving through your fears, you can realize success. You don’t have to be plagued by it.
  4. Failure is scary, but it gets you closer to your ‘True North’ providing you with the hints and clues necessary to get back up again with strength, resilience and grace. What scares us most is being alone, homelessness, not being good enough, not having the strength to get back up again. You see, the thing is you’re never alone, believe someone always has ‘your back.’
  5. Having an impact on others lives, doing what you love and helping people are essential ingredients, even if this means, not getting paid what you might expect or what you’ve been sold. Our compassionate nature, innate to being human, fuel success – we’re happy and flourishing when we are helping others. Purpose and happiness trump money. Not downplaying the importance of money, but, “how do I do good with money and give back”.
  6. Pressure to be successful is real and can have an impact on your ability to flourish and to be happy. Redefining it in compassionate ways that recognize ‘your story in it’ is empowering.
  7. We’re hard on ourselves. Gentle reminders serve not to judge or critique in a manner that are harmful, but remember self-compassion. How can you best support yourself to achieve your dreams or what matters most to you so that you can work on your highest priorities – we’re all here to do something? Make it great, make it beautiful, as you define, with a little or a lot of help from your friends.
  8. What if you started reflecting on the last ten minutes of your life – what might you do with the time that has bestowed upon you?

It was an honor to witness candid conversations, like this that remind us of our humanness. I’m happy we followed the threads and grateful for all who participated in their willingness in making this world a much brighter place.

Here’s a peek inside the conversations, we hope you enjoy it.

Let’s continue the dialogue across Canada and around the world. Please join us here @paulapyne #ottsuccess

Photosource: icpublishing.ca






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UP #59: The Time is Ripe for Change and How Self Care is no Longer a Luxury, it’s a Necessity With Paula Pyne

Paula Pyne

It’s an honor to ‘go live’ with Deb Ozarko on her infamous podcast, called Unplug: Inspired living for critical thinkers with compassionate hearts.  I wouldn’t think of myself a ‘status-quo crusher’.  That’s what Deb has coined her Unplug guests who are courageously leading a ‘conscious revolution’, exploring new possibilities, ideas, and approaches to living and working, paving a new way forward. It’s refreshing, gaining momentum and it’s making Big waves, awakening hearts, and souls, alike.

It was a cold winters day in January, as I took the call in Ottawa, Canada. We were both feeling a heaviness, dense energy and  as though it might be a challenge to string a few sentences together yet have a conversation about some important topics, like, Who Am I! Not on our side and in the depths of Mercury retrograde, can impact communications.

Something magical happened. By the end of the conversation, through a lot of love and laughter later, we felt a bit of the weightiness lift – it was a wrap.  It’s so wonderful to witness when we step into our ‘element’ ignited and fueled by passion, how the energy lifts up and is incredibly contagious, like wildfire. By the end of this podcast, we had our ‘dancing shoes’ on, celebrating each other and all of the podcast listeners, to Cool in the Gang’s, Celebrate.  Brilliant.

Though, I must admit, when Deb, emailed me and said, “It’s live,” my heart skipped a beat. ‘I’m my own worst critic’ (Virgo’s, you know where I’m coming from), but as it turned out, it became a practice in self-compassion.  Instead of self-judgement, sneaky at its best, being present to the ‘inner-dialog’ and taking part in a different conversation, one of kindness, treating myself as I would a best friend. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard my voice recorded. A strange thing to hear your voice playback. At first, and as I listened, I surprised myself in parts, not remembering what I said while other parts I giggled at myself and all the ‘quirks’.  As we moved along in our conversation, it blossomed into a beautiful example of how we share and celebrate  similarities along with unique approaches in our work that help each other to ‘rise-up’.  Isn’t that what leadership is about: to support each others greatness and uncover the ‘diamonds in the rough’?

It’s such an honor to be a part of Deb’s soul-tribe and this space she has so beautifully created and shared with the world. It’s beauty in the making and truly has a life of its own. But that’s how these things work, as we know it…..

“Great creations birth from Source.”

There are forces much larger than ourselves at work here, call it our allies or our angels.

May these conversations ‘be carried well’ and land where its needed most, shining a gentle and loving strength.

Let the angels take care of the rest.

Grab a nice cup of tea or java, listen for awhile. Let’s keep the conversation going.

Here’s a bit of background, about the podcast, as a guide:

• The new business paradigm.
• The importance of quiet space for inspiration.
• Bringing creativity, innovation, and well being into the world of business.
• Integrating mindfulness, compassion, wisdom, and spirituality into work and life.
• When purpose aligns with truth, great things happen.
• How the body knows what to do best – which is to become whole.
• The great strength in softness.
• How we drain our life force when we don’t listen to our inner self.
• The importance of unplugging to recharge and reconnect to the true Self. Honoring the needs of the body through restoration.
• How we are all leaders and how it is our responsibility to lead in a way that is uniquely ours.
• The importance of like-minded community.
• The new emerging paradigm – how it looks is up to us.



Uplift Consulting, Paula’s website.
Reclaim and Uplift Your Feminine Soul Restorative Retreat – February 21, April 18, August 15, November 14, 2015
Disseminating the New Business Paradigm blog post.
• Find Paula on Facebook.

Photosource: Breathe In Photography

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Quiet Celebration

Delighted to welcome in the softer energy of 2015. 2014 was a wild ride.

It’s a gentle, kind, more feminine flow this year. I’m working on another post, where I’ll be cd1ccd819a7d2cbbd0797f1f5fd1c1dftalking about building a strong foundation for the year ahead. I’ve been getting ‘my house in order’ and working on other exciting developments. Looking forward to sharing with you soon.  The pieces are still making its way on the page, so for now, I’ll honor this timing. There is no rush in this present moment.

I’m going with it….

This, gentle, kind, more feminine flow this year. Welcoming the slower pace, and it’s refreshing.

Earlier this week I mentioned in my social media feed, how the Lioness appeared as a guide along my path, just around the time of the New Moon. She’s back, and graciously shared the working title of my book to be released this Fall… It’s been a work in progress for years; much of it written, guided along the way, just putting together all the threads and pieces. Trusting in my guides, angels, intuition, creativity, imagination, dreams, and these threads. It’s coming together, one thread, one light at a time.

I’m a writer. Words live in my heart and are dear to my soul. Writing is part of my daily life. Each day upon waking, a long-standing ritual, after meditation, I write with a pot of tea close by, candle lit, still in my jammies – – I’m home. The house is quiet, silence surrounds, awaiting the birth of a fertile seed. Beginning with gratitude, followed by whatever appears on paper. I love the feeling of how the pencil (pen just won’t do) dances along the page. The words are what I need to hear. The voice of my higher self always shows up, with a raw honesty, a remembering, it’s how I figure things out, interpret my astral travels and commune with Spirit. My writing life has taken a life of its own, and it brings me great joy and pleasure. I love this space to share it with you. Honored.

I stumbled across this the other day; timely.

The Way It Is

There’s a thread you follow. It goes among
things that change. But it doesn’t change.
People wonder about what you are pursuing.
You have to explain about the thread.
But it is hard for others to see.
While you hold it you can’t get lost.
Tragedies happen; people get hurt
or die; and you suffer and get old.
Nothing you do can stop time’s unfolding.
You don’t ever let go of the thread.

by William Stafford

May we all be blessed with what it is that brings us Joy. Today, I celebrate in this gift. Celebrate Living.

A deep bow.

Paula Pyne


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‘Tis the Season to slow down, chill out

candle-lightDecember is a time of slowing down and reflection. Contrary to what’s happening where many are scraping up every last ounce of energy to meet end of year deadlines, while preparing for social gatherings and holidays –let’s be honest, it ain’t pretty. Long gone is the ‘spring daisy and fresh as a peach’ façade, old man winter is upon us.

For many, this year has brought monumental movement and change – it’s been a tough year, with intense energy, lots of twisty, windy roads, sharp turns and unexpected halts. You see much of the challenges we faced were a call to do things differently where a little more light cracked through into the dark, with an invitation to see things in ways that spurred on personal growth. The way things were working for us seemed to have expired, like an outdated stuffy business suit. Welcomed, along with it, came the possibility of new insight and realignment into life and work, in ways that better aligned with your truth and what matters most.

For now, Mother Nature is calling us to slow-down, chill-out and do nothing. True story. It feels confusing, the pressure of the external environment to do more with an internal call of what it is you need differ in big ways.

As we head into the darkest day of the year, approaching the celebration of Winter Solstice, I hope you get the time to rest and celebrate just how far you have come. Take a moment to reflect, listen compassionately to the rythym of your heart and ‘stoke the inner embers’ to gracefully and easefully welcome in 2015:

 “This is the time to be clearly identifying what you need and want in your life, what is working, what isn’t, and what needs to shift in order for you to be nourished. This cycle brings us bigger changes, a certain cracking open in order to see our missing pieces. For now, gently provoke your dreams and desires. Stoke your inner embers. Trust in the process of removing and letting go, in order for your new life story to fully unfold.” Swati Jr – Jyotish Astrology

I’ve already started to quiet down to honor my natural rhythms and the cycles of nature. Sleeping a little longer and spending more time indoors in my cozy living space, enjoying the change in the season.

Reflecting on the year almost gone by, my heart is full with gratitude. Grateful for the unfolding (as twisty as it was!), abundance, soul connections, and personal growth with all its challenges, opportunities and intensities that made this year what it was. Humbled.

It’s that time, to find and appreciate a little bit of quiet. I’ll be retreating from the busyness and getting ready to receive a good long break to welcome in this new life story. So, off with the social media channels and see you in the new year, refreshed and ready to begin again.

Wishing you a peaceful and restful December and Blessed Holiday Season.

Be well and take good care.

With love and light,



ps I have used the word ‘Tis, requested by Dallas Green;-)

© 2013-2022 Paula Pyne. All rights reserved.
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WILD – An Invitation to Pause










A tender and mischievous invitation to pause and ask, as Mary Oliver did:

“What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

I love poetry, especially the work of the American poet, Mary Oliver.  I have been asking this question repeatedly for some time.

The post on Brain Pickings is a lovely, quiet and refreshing reminder.  Timely, as we are heading toward the next new moon, nature’s way of telling us, to start anew, and welcome fresh new beginnings.  First, we are being called to rest a little, quiet down, find our own natural rhythm and come into Being mode.  With it, follows the possibility of renewal to re-focus on the things that matter most in this one wild, precious life.

Rest in stillness, even if it’s for a little while.  Try it, stop, pause and rest for awhile and BE. Get out of your thinking mind, into your body, or take a walk in the woods, explore nature and see what happens.

After things quiet down, a little, consider accepting the invitation and read the book WILD, by Emily Hughes.

Emanating from the playful and poetic story is a clarion call to shake off the external should’s that shackle us and stop keeping ourselves small by trying to please others, to celebrate what John Steinbeck called “the freedom of the mind to take any direction it wishes, undirected”.

First read it to yourself, your inner child, then to your children, then to your nieces and nephews and then to other children who need this right now.  It’s a story about belonging and being different.  As we embrace this one wild and precious life, let’s honor and love the differences within and between us.

You cannot tame something so happily wild – Emily Hughes



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